It's all Public Relations.

I have always believed that most people are like myself: they don’t want to be sold to. They want to make a purchase they are comfortable making.

We use many ways to make this decision: Word-of-mouth, print, electronic, outdoor, promotional, feature stories, news …

… now we have social engagement, organic search, texting, web content … and we have moved from interruptive messaging – though that’s still television and radio’s major method – to interactive message. And that’s where “it’s all public relations” comes in. And contrary to popular misconception, public relations isn’t all about spinning… and there can be ethical advertising. No really. It is possible.

You want your audience to learn about you, engage, discuss, review. Public relations is how you are perceived, how people engage with your company and product; How your employees answer the question, “what do you do?”

And you don’t need to cram a message down their collective throat. 

My expertise is providing the creative concepts, content and copy, along with a strategic plan, when necessary, that can include multi-channel/cross channel marketing campaigns (paid advertising, earned media and public relations/promotion, social, for example).

All on time and within your budget.

Writing/Content :: News Releases/Distribution :: Art Direction (collaborative) :: Social Engagement & Blogging :: Contributed Articles :: Planning and Project Supervision :: Newsletters & Internal Communication :: White Papers :: Event Promotion & Management :: Video, Image, Audio :: Research :: Client newsroom management & Media Relations :: Agency & Corporate Marketing Department Support

I can work with you as a consultant, a mentor – offering transmission of knowledge, social capital, and the psychosocial support relevant for you or your staff to build professional expertise, develop your “brand advocates,” and grow your business.

Creative Direction – Copywriting – Content Development & SEO – Collaborative Art Direction

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