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I have always believed that most people don’t want something sold to them. They want to make a purchase they are comfortable making.

We use many ways to make this decision: Word-of-mouth, print, electronic, outdoor, promotional, feature stories, news … now we have social engagement, organic search, texting, web content … and we have moved from interruption messaging – though that’s still television and radio’s major method – to interactive message.

My expertise is providing the creative concepts, content and copy, along with a strategic plan, when necessary, that can include multi-channel/cross channel marketing campaigns (paid advertising, earned media and public relations/promotion, social, for example), which offers your potential customer the tools they need to make an informed, comfortable decision.

Creative Direction – Content Development & SEO – Collaborative Art Direction
Public Relations – Brand Development – Media Relations – Strategy & Planning – Social Engagement – Agency & Corporate Marketing Support

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