7 Best Times to Start a Company | Inc.com

Can’t say I completely agree with Number one. After all, many of us still have lots of energy past 30. Seriously? 30….

Some great advice though and if you need help with overcoming the “where to begin and how do I budget” my marketing and branding, come talk to me. The initial consultation is free and I can help your startup, with some sound goals and objectives.

What you DON’T want to do is not have a strategy to marketing your stuff. Too often I see people become overwhelmed with all the choices – Facebook fan page, Facebook advertising, Direct Mail, Signages – and they end up choosing tactics over the tactical.

I can help make it less scary by helping you choose what’s best for your service or product. Sort of like a “financial adviser” only a “marketing consultant.”

7 Best Times to Start a Company | Inc.com.



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