AAF-Asheville Government Relations Report | Oct 2009

American Advertising Federation Asheville






Gary James, Chair

Members: Tad Fogel, Jane Cox Murray

The good news: The head of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman Julius Genachowski “affirms his support for a free and open Internet,” – the so-called Net Neutrality – the principal that all Web traffic should be treated equally…This will be a significant ruling should this be approved as this would prevent Internet providers from blocking or slowing bandwidth-hogging Web traffic such as streaming video or other applications that put a strain on their networks…The Wall St. Journal, citing “people familiar with the plan,” said Genachowski is expected to propose that rules against blocking or slowing Web traffic should also apply to wireless-phone companies, which currently restrict data flow over their airwaves to prevent congestion. Naturally, ATT, Verizon and other phone companies oppose this legislation.

The controversial: There is legislation moving through the Senate Finance Committee to eliminate the deductibility for pharmaceutical advertising….it’s possibly one of the 500+ amendments to the Baucus health bill that is being promoted to appease the Republican party and “fund” health care reform….AAF national is concerned that the “deductibility toward media buys” won’t stop with the Pharma…so they are asking we write our representatives to oppose this legislation: Senators Richard Burr (R); Kay Hagan (D) and Representatives Heath Shuler (Asheville), Patrick McHenry (Hickory). Whether this is a good idea or bad one – and whether it will survive any vote- remains to be seen.

If you’d like to be part of our Government Relations committee – we may need bloggers, writers, emailers  – just drop me a line at Advocacy@aafasheville.org. So far we haven’t really had formal meetings other than getting together prior to the scheduled luncheons – but ….if we have to launch an effort against a service tax or reform, you’re help will be invaluable.