There’s no magic bullet when it comes to branding

Branding consultantsI’ve been involved in brand marketing and communications for many years (Sometimes too many even for me to admit). And the one thing I’ve learned is there isn’t one magic marketing bullet. Today’s newest new thing is “social media.” And, yes, it should be an integrated component of your brand awareness.

But, it doesn’t take the place of everything.

Your marketing and communications needs to fit what it is you do, who you are, what you’re offering. Traditional marketing has given way to online marketing. And public relations now incorporates SEO and significant social media tools. But advertising isn’t dead; promotions aren’t dead; publicity and news releases aren’t dead.

They are all tactics that may be involved in your marketing mix. From your signage, to brochures, to website design and how your employees dress, act or speak about where they work – and the tangible things are tactics that build how the public perceives you. And that is what builds your BRAND.

If there is any constant in this business, and this is going to be a hackneyed, roll-your-eyes statement, it is “change.” Adapting to this new environment is a challenge. However, having a knowledge and understanding of tactics and strategies that have worked in the past, doesn’t hurt either.

Whether it’s to work with your internal department, create teams for a complete marketing campaign, or simply needing some outside creative, copywriting support, I will create the emotional arch that will target your audience – your stakeholders, employees, customers or advocates – in order they make a decision to buy from you, support you, or promote your organization or business.

What we use to marketing your business, service and product depends on what is best to do so, not just the newest new thing.

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