Butter Buds® Media Campaign

Getting lots of print coverage already from NAPS®, the client wanted to see their product get some media attention, primarily broadcast.


Create a media kit to pique the interest of the broadcast media and get the product some exposure.

Back story:
Teresa Marrone, an avid back country outdoorswoman and proponent and user of the product – Butter Buds®, an all natural, butter-flavored granular product designed as a substitute for butter – had just written a book, “Back Country Kitchen,” using the product in about 150 recipes in the book. Contacting Teresa we found she had on-camera experience and was interested the cross-promotion idea: We would send her on a media junket where she could promote her book; in turn, she’d prepare a dish using Butter Buds® which we would get featured in the segment.

Using 52-week syndicated IRI data, top markets for an “outdoor cooking segment” were identified. Teresa’s hometown location, Minneapolis, was identified as a Top 50 market in Butter Buds sales, so that meant we might have our first location. We came up with angles such as, to offering a “camp breakfast” that would feature children (who could help prepare it!) and perhaps an “Elegance on the Trail” romantic concept (even though it was camping, it certainly wasn’t “roughing it.”)

“Roughing it in Style” The press kit was an oven mitt stuffed with a copy of the book, Butter Buds FAQs, samples of the product, a photo of Teresa, a news release, and the pitch, “We’re fishing for some media coverage. Can we count on you to bite?”

Teresa appeared on:
– Minnesota Bound KARE TV, CBS) – 30 minute syndicated outdoor show.
– Call of the Wild – Outdoor Channel (cable)
– The Peggy Denny Show (WGGS TV) – Greenville/Spartanburg, SC (the entire 30min show preparing a number of dishes)
– Fox 21 Kids’ Club – Greenville, SC (which ran ten times over a 2 week period, featuring children from “Camp Greenville” a
– Good Day Atlanta
– Good Morning Phoenix

Estimated potential audience reach: 2.1million viewers

Budget: Under $50,000 (incl. airfare, accommodations, kits, out of pocket)

From concept to broadcast coverage: 14 weeks

(as Director of Client Services, Gail Becker Associates of Florida, Sarasota, FL)