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AAF Asheville, “2010 and Beyond”

The “revised” AAF Asheville website is looking good. Check out the upcoming program when AAF Asheville presents, “2010 and Beyond,” with guest speakers Linda Brandt, Bob Perlstein and Susan Phillips. The luncheon is Monday, May 17th at Posana Cafe. Come join us.


Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina 
welcomes 2010 Board of Directors

by jamesgan-admin

PRAWNC returning board members Sherri L. McLendon, Gary S. James, Jaime McKee, Amy Fowler, Jennifer Perez, Alicia Knighton, and Angela Betancourt welcome Kathy Thielke, Kasey Gruen, Rachel Miller, Brian Jennings, Elisabeth Bocklet, Judy Davidson, and Sandra Adams to its 2010 board. Installed in December 2009, the sixteen members met as a full board for the first time Jan. 22 at CarePartners’ Seymour Auditorium for an annual planning session.

“Mad Men” Panel: A Real Life Discussion of Advertising in the 60’s

by jamesgan-admin

“Mad Men” Panel: A Real Life Discussion of Advertising in the 60’s
January 18, 2010
1 Biltmore Avenue, Asheville
Luncheon & Program 11:30am to 1:00pm

The popularity of the AMC “Mad Men” TV series about a New York advertising in the 1960’s has inspired this real life discussion of what advertising was really like back then, offering insights into lessons learned and what is different about advertising today for better or worse.

PANELISTS (scheduled) include:
Ralph Callahan, Former CEO, Henderson Advertising, Greenville; Dick Murray, Retired Advertising Executive, New York & Dallas; Bob Crowe, Executive Director, Asheville Creative Services Group and former International Marketing Executive; Bob Hooper, Retired Radio and TV Personality, WESC Greenville, WLOS Asheville (Panel Moderator)

Luncheon Meeting: Check-in/Networking 11:30a to 12:00p, Club Business 12:00p-12:15p, Speaker Presentation 12:15p-1:00p

RSVP: January 14 to

($15 members; $25 guests. Sorry. No shows will be billed)

Join some funloving Ad pros for dinner!

by jamesgan-admin

Hey, you gotta eat! Come enjoy a pre-fixe meal at a super price at one of Asheville’s great Italian restaurants. Just $22.50 per person….a super, incredible discounted deal! AAF Asheville are graphic designers, media types, marketing mavens…and we know how to party! Come have a great time….and enjoy a great deal!!!!!

The Sustainability Revolution

by Gary James

Sustainability is often associated with disaster: If we continue to consume 150% more than the earth can produce, we will simply run out of available resources. But in the mix of doom and gloom, companies who embrace sustainability are inventing new ways of doing business and they are finding that it is not just good for the planet, but good for their bottom line.

Art Ulene Feeling Fine Launch

Feeling FineView News Release

The Vitamin line was launched on QVC. One of the premiums for purchasing was a subscription to Art Ulene’s monthly newsletter. Quite effective in 1997, this newsletter is now online and contains a myriad of information not available (or economically feasible) just a little more than a decade ago.

(Agency: Gail Becker Associates of FL, Inc; Gary James, writer/account manager; Trisha Kniffen, graphic designer)

Feeling Fine Newsletter issue 1

Feeling Fine Newsletter issue 1

Feeling Fine Newsletter 2

Feeling Fine Newsletter issue 2

Crisis Communications – Is Our Community Prepared?

by jamesgan-admin

A timely topic during National Emergency Preparedness Month, disasters do happen in western NC, and they aren’t always obvious. A flu pandemic could cause schools and businesses to close, and disrupt everyone’s way of life. A hurricane can hit our state and cause flooding, or hit a thousand miles away and cause a gas shortage that lasts for weeks.