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Five Things Everyone Should Know About Public Relations

Just came across this article from Forbes and it is a great explanation regarding the differences between an advertising agency and public relations. Even though Public Relations has become more integrated with marketing, more so with the advent of the Internet, a good way to understand the differences today is: most people are looking to “pull” information (public relations) rather than be “pushed” to buy (advertising). Yelp & Trip Advisor, reading an article vs. seeing an ad on television or Facebook (unless it’s a time sensitive offer)

Source: Five Things Everyone Should Know About Public Relations

Cancer Support Foundation

Herme’s Award 2012 – Gold (pro bono)

The organization worked to change the rules in Maryland for people in cancer treatment to receive disability or paid leave. And, at the same time, wanted to get the message out that cancer isn’t always untreatable.

My slogan, “We can change the rules about cancer” was meant to focus on both these objectives.

The 8-page brochure contained letters of appeal, testimonials and a call to action, and was designed by Jamie Jones, when he was creative director at Tapper Communications Group, Maryland.

With whom I’ve worked

by Gary James

As a copywriter, creative director, public relations director an employee or consultant, some of the clients with whom I have created branding, advertising and public relations solutions, tactics or strategies.

Web content and/or Web design consultation
– Don’t Be A Cow – LTU Publishing (WordPress site and book editing/production)

Cancer Support Foundation
Watershed Associates
Tapper Communications Group
Clary Hood
– Our VoYce, Weaverville, NC
Tim Kenney Marketing
A Kiss From Alexander and Facebook for Alexander
Prime Ribbing: A NEWSICAL revue Facebook
John Cannon Homes, Sarasota, FL
*Also Facebook presence

Financial, Business and Management/B2B

– NACHA (Direct Deposit/Direct Payment), Washington, DC
Simon and Simon Resources
Rieger Imaging, Clarksburg, MD
– Sharemedia, Rockville, MD
Clary Hood
North American Roofing, Asheville, NC

Real Estate
– John Cannon Homes, Sarasota, FL
– Preserve at Misty Creek, Sarasota, FL
– Cedars Tennis Resort of Longboat Key, FL
– Arvida Corporation, Longboat Key, FL
– Harbor Oaks, Longboat Key, FL
– Arvida Real Estate Commercial, Sarasota, FL
– Buyerside® Real Estate Services, Sarasota, FL

Arts and Museums
Smithsonian Institution Freer and Sackler Galleries of Art, DC
Smithsonian Institution National Museum of American History, DC
Smithsonian Institution, DC
Cultural Alliance of Greater Washington
Torpedo Factory Art Center, Alexandria, VA
Charles Darwin Foundation/Galapagos.org
A Kiss From Alexander
– License to Bash satirical revue
Folgers Shakespeare Library
PRIME RIBBING: A Newsical Revue

National Automobile Auction Association, Frederick, MD
Sunset Chevrolet, Sarasota, FL

Health, Food and Neutraceuticals
Manatee Glens Corporation, Bradenton, FL
– Clozaril®
Sarasota Memorial Hospital
Butter Buds®
Sweet n’Low®
Chromium Information Bureau

Real Estate
John Cannon Homes, Sarasota, FL
Preserve at Misty Creek, Sarasota, FL
Cedars Tennis Resort of Longboat Key, FL
Arvida Corporation, Longboat Key, FL
– Harbor Oaks, Longboat Key, FL
– Arvida Real Estate Commercial, Sarasota, FL
– Buyerside® Real Estate Services, Sarasota, FL

Travel and Hospitality
– Horsefeathers Restaurant, Sarasota, FL
Manatee Civic Center, Bradenton, FL
– Buyerside® Real Estate Services, Sarasota, FL
Hyatt Sarasota
– Buccaneer Restaurant, Longboat Key, FL
Harrah’s Resort and Casino, Cherokee, FL

–  iBodyScience, Minneapolis, MN

– Stephan’s Furniture, Sarasota, FL
Beall’s® Florida Bradenton, FL
– Sarasota Main Plaza
Sarasota Square Mall
– Helmsman Marine, Sarasota FL
– Our VoYce, Weaverville, NC

Pro Bono
Cancer Support Foundation, Ellicot City, MD

– Youth OutRight
– Manatee Council on Aging
– South Florida Museum
– Sarasota AIDS Support
Alexander’s Ford at the Nature Preserve
– Asheville Humane Society (through AAF Asheville)

Agency Web Presence:
– Synergy Point Interactive, Asheville,NC
– Tim Kenney Marketing, Bethesda, MD
– 12Twelve Collaborative Solutions, Weaverville, NC
– Tapper Communications Group, Columbia, MD

Smithsonian Institution


Project: Create a print advertisement promoting the entire Smithsonian Institution just one month after 9/11.

Execution: Reminded people that this is America’s attic of treasures – without referencing 9/11 directly.

Creative: Copywriting, Positioning: “Where everything old is new again.”

Result: The healing began; people started to come down to the National Mall again.

Newspaper, Local Washington, DC magazine

(as Creative Director, copywriter, Tim Kenny Marketing, Bethesda, MD)


Backstory: Flavorx had been highly successful in providing flavorings for children’s medicines and had developed a range of flavorings for the veterinary market to make medicines palatable to animals.

Situation: Their research had shown that a very lucrative market was the pet industry and the difficulty in getting “pets to take their medicine.” They wanted to market this flavoring kit via veterinary product representatives to vets worldwide.

Creative Solutions: Giving the vets a sample seemed an obvious way to get the product into the hands of the vets – the flavors would be purchasable through representatives that dropped off the samples. The kit would include POP display posters as well as the flavorings. We developed a ‘sampler leaflet’ that provided a small vial of one of the flavors, like a perfume sample card. (Shown here).

20 of the sampler leaflets would then be placed in a Flavorx branded box to provide the veterinary reps with a supply to hand out to their veterinary customers. A branded calculator was included in each box as a gift for the veterinary reps. The promotion proved extremely popular with both the veterinary reps and the vets.

Using the visual approach and marketing messages from the sampler, a trade show display, an advertising campaign to appear in veterinary magazines and a poster campaign for veterinarian waiting rooms to increase product awareness among pet owners was developed.

Flavorx, which had been sending their vets a small monthly newsletter took our direction and created a full-fledged four-color quarterly news magazine featuring success stories, follow ups, “how-tos” from other vets and “letters to the editor.” This quarterly newsletter became their number one sales tool.

Results: Sales skyrocketed;  the popular “Flavorx” is now available at vets throughout the country.

(Gary James/Patrick Ind, creative/ art directors; Gary James, lead copywriter (ads), Patrick Ind, POP/newsmagazine; Jamie Stockie, graphic design)
Tim Kenny Marketing, Bethesda, MD; ICBM, Washington DC

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