Don’t Eat the Marshmallow – Yet

Excellent commentary and priceless video of a landmarket study regarding success and instant gratification.

Joachim De Posada makes a valid point in suggesting there are many applications (and I don’t mean software) where the delayed gratification will work.

We need a brochure!

Years ago – before web was king – I would go to meet with a new client because they called, and said, “we need a brochure.” Only upon my asking questions would we discover that perhaps an event or public relations promotion might be best. Or, maybe they could use a flyer or postcard campaign.

We need a website!

Now, of course, everyone needs a website. And though I agree that an internet presence is needed, we need to ask, “what is it used for?”, “who will be coming to it?”,” do people actually buy on it?”

We need SEO!

Now it’s “SEO.” Everyone wants it. Everyone wants LOTS of it. To increase sales. To increase customers. But, before you spend the money – and eat the marshmallow – we should ask, “what is the story we are telling?”

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