By Retainer:

  • An advance retainer. I figure up a retainer based on hours, experience and tactics you’ll need.  We monitor over a set period, usually with a 3-month minimum to start.

Best for when:

  • Need strategic communications for start up, rebranding or a plan which normally takes a few months to plan, launch, execute and evaluate
  • Have desire for management and direction of advertising and public relations campaigns
  • Need ongoing, integrated branding
  • Need consultation and creative regarding branding, internal communication, creative
  • Want an “outside person’s view” or consultation on creative direction, public relations or communications i.e. news releases or publicity

By the Project:

Good for when:

  • Need creative support for a marketing event, utilizing online engagement, social marketing, press distribution and attempt to get pick up/coverage using for a one-time event.
  • Need creative support in headlines, slogans, copywriting for advertising efforts
  • Need web content written for a site
  • Need content migrated into a new WordPress site
  • If your In-house staff swamped and can’t take on additional project until future
  • You already have communication or creative plan and someone bailed

By the Hour and “a la carte”

Great if:

  • You really have a large budget. This is the most expensive way to go.
  • Editing and proofing services
  • Article writing
  • Advertising copywriting
  • Consultation
  • News release distribution
Bottom Line Fine Print:
  • Deposits are required 50% at start; 50% on delivery. Deposits on large projects flexible.
  • Retainer is billed in advance. The retainer is not based on hours worked. It’s based on hours + experience + knowledge + best practices.
  • All outside vendors and suppliers are billed directly to client unless otherwise arranged. Anything handled by agency may be subject to mark up.
  • Media is paid in advance prior to placement and agency retains 15% commission. If billed directly to client, media is still paid in advance.
  • Agency retains intellectual property until paid in full. Then it’s yours.
  • Either party can cancel contracts with 30 days notice. Work to date of cancellation is also subject to a “kill fee” to cover time/charges if necessary