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Creative Direction | Copywriting | Merchandising coordination | Project management

Situation: To present a special exhibition featuring 500-year-old textiles in a way that would speak to a younger audience.

Positioning: Everyone has heard the phrase “You never Call, you never visit” from anguished grandparents pleading to their children to visit.

Production: Reproductions of the huge textiles in a full color English and Chinese language version was produced  using Chinese lacquer red for optimum impact.

Tactics: Full color newspaper print (English and Chinese); bookmarks, posters

Result: The headline grabs the reader and pulls them in to learn more about this special exhibit. Attendance was one of the highest for the museum for a non-traditional short-run traveling show. Client was so pleased we landed another project. (Zen)

As creative director, copywriter – Tim Kenny Marketing, Bethesda, MD; Jamie Stockie, Graphic Designer