National Museum of American History – Jazz Appreciation Month

JazzTimesAd2 1-28-01

The National Museum of American History (NMAH) has the largest collection of Jazz memorabilia and recordings in theJazzTimesAd2 1-28-01 world. NMAH needed assistance in creating awareness for a Jazz Appreciation Month (JAM) they planned to launch in April 2002 and intended for it to be a regular annual event. NMAH had obtained support for the venture from individuals like Quincy Jones and organizations such as The Ella Fitzgerald Foundation, National Public Radio, the National Park Service and others.

Initially, the advertisement was created to target music educators. I originally wrote copy for this group; however, when the Internal Association of Jazz Exhibitors can aboard as a partner, the copy was changed to reflect how exhibitors can promote JAM. NPR placed the advertisement in their program books throughout the country, and the middle paragraph changed again to reflect “what jazz fans can do.”

Quite simply, by creating an elegant design which featured a positioning statement and similar elements, the body copy can be changed to focus on target audiences while keeping the strong, positioning message.

This ad was then used as the basis for collateral materials which were first used at the Music Educators Annual meeting in Los Angeles, January 2002. The slogan is still in use today, in a number of countries throughout the world. The design elements were used in the design of press kits, a brochure and a trade show exhibit stand

(Creative Director, copywriter: Gary James; Graphic Designer: Jamie Stockie
Tim Kenny Marketing, Bethesda, MD)