QE2 lands in Sarasota

QE2 lands in Sarasota

There’s no way this could ever happen. But, hey … it was April Fool’s Day

(Just got a note from Dave Graupner, who was the PD at the time, and reminded me that it was 30 years ago April 1, 1982 … that I launched this gag!)

An archival recording of a little bit of radio history:

I was Continuity Director in Sarasota at two radio stations, WSPB and WMLO on April 1, 1982.

When I arrivedĀ  at work that morning, I asked, “what are we doing for April Fool’s Day?” and was upset to learn the answer was, “nothing.” I hadn’t been working at the job for too long, but I could recognize an opportunity when it jumped out at me. Quickly Dave Graupner, program director, and I enlisted on-air personality Peter Jahns, Gordon O’Hara and a cast that included myself and the woman who did the fine arts updates on the station. All of this was ad-libbed and put together in less than 20 minutes. We needed to do phone patches, set up microphones in another part of the studio and huddled quickly to figure out who played what part.

The result was hundreds of people flocking down to Sarasota Bay to see the QE2 land for a special cruise…Now mind you, the actual draft required for the QE2 was 36 feet. The average depth of Sarasota Bay is seven.

I hope you enjoy our little “April Fool’s joke” from now over 13 years ago.


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