Planning & Strategy

  • Review of your current marketing efforts
  • Build a marketing plan around your budget
  • Action planning – choose the correct medium for the message
  • Create marketing messaging
  • Naming and branding
  • Slogans and positioning
  • Media strategy and budgeting
  • Project management, web content management
  • New business launches


Writing & Content

  • Copywriting, Ghostwriting, Advertorial writing
  • Annual Reports, newsletters, blogging and support
  • Speeches, presentations, audio-visual scriptin
  • Blogging


Editing & Publishing Support

  • Manuscript review (non-fiction, business)
  • Copyediting
  • Proofing
  • Formatting support for self-publishing (createspace, Ingrim)


Promotion & Publicity (Public Relations)

  • News releases
  • Feature writing
  • Social media engagement
  • Publicity
  • Advertorial writing
  • Webinars
  • Cause Marketing
  • Corporate Communications Support
  • Event promotion
  • New business launches


Things I Can’t Do:

  • Guess what your budget is – you need to help me. There’s no point in working up a $30,000 marketing plan if the budget is only $5000.
  • Build a marketing campaign that will sell your product for you. Sorry, we can build a marketing campaign that will drive traffic, motivate your customer, present your product or service that is compelling. But, you’re going to have to sell it.
  • Make lots of promises, then not deliver on them. I will deliver, what’s promised.
  • Create unethical or questionable advertising, publicity or branding.