5 Steps in Working up a Branding Strategy Built Around Public Relations

1. What is your story?

2. What is the budget? Often, this is the sticking point. But, we need to work one up.

3. Based on the budget we figure out what tactics we can use. And there will be lots of questions. The answers come later.

  • How are you getting eyeballs to your website? Have you analyzed it? Do you need a website?
  • Do you need to create buzz about your product? Or, do you need to control a message?
  • Is there a cross-promotion you are missing? How about partnering with another company or service?
  • Can you partner with a profit/not-for-profit to better involve the public?
  • Are we marketing locally, regionally or nationally?
  • Do you need a mix of traditional media – print, radio, television?
  • Or, perhaps a “guerrilla” marketing special event campaign?
  • What about Social media?
  • Google Ads? Other Pay-per-click?
  • Feature Stories? News releases? Syndicated online stories?
  • Webinars?YouTube®?

These are just some of the tactics in the arsenal of building a marketing strategy today.

You may not have the budget for all of them; but we can utilize the ones that will best help in building up your customer base.

4. We build a campaign with short and long term goals.

  • Do you have the budget to do everything all at once?
  • Can you budget for 3, 6 or 12 months for a marketing strategy?
  • Do you just need a website or new logo?

5. Whatever we use tactically we will evaluate for effectiveness.

* * *

Building brand enthusiasts
Effectively marketing your company or organization requires communications integrating your corporate identity with your message, educating your audiences and building employees as “brand enthusiasts.” Public relations and marketing efforts should function as part of the whole, evaluating public attitudes and the marketplace, with execution to earn public understanding and acceptance.

Due to budget constraints, often the business will be concerned they can’t afford to be integrating their message. Even with a roll-out campaign, even if you are just doing a few things at first – a newsletter, website or brochure – they all need to have the same “look and feel.”

Being consistent
No matter what the medium, the message must always be the same.

It’s all public relations. Here’s why.
Public relations is often considered to be marginal, or worse – an occasional news release distributed to local newspapers when someone is promoted or resigns. And, under “What we do”  you’ll find traditional public relations tactics such as news releases, promotions, special events, webinars. All valid marketing communication tools.

But, whether you use Advertising, Twittering, publicity, event sponsorship, or a guy standing on the street corner flipping a sign stating “70% off clearance going on now” – It’s all public relations.

It’s your business, how people perceive your company, what you do. It’s your story.

Public Relations is the strategy. Advertising is a tactic.

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