‘South Park’ season premiere Tiger gets clubbed; Cliffs missed oppty?

I’ve never been a devotee or regular watcher of “South Park,” but what I have seen has usually amused me. Not only that, but I’ve found it to be profoundly on the mark when it comes to satirizing pop culture. This review from Ken Tucker’s TV Blog for Entertainment Weekly points out that they aren’t simply satirizing Tiger Woods but the entire self-righteous  focus media in general makes about “bad behavior.” And, I LOVE the idea of the 360x box game: satire on TOP of satire.

I think we should also applaud advertisers, especially local ones, who are willing to see this type of programming for what it is – namely, allowing viewers the opportunity to take a step back from all the hype while also lampooning it – and I appreciate Asheville advertisers for supporting this show, particularly in light of Tiger Woods’s huge golf course project located a mere 10 miles out of town (or thereabouts).

After the “mea culpa” last month, many of those indebted to the project, and I mean that literally, were falling over themselves to congratulate Tiger for “coming clean and showing his vulnerability” while we hope to start taking deposits on homesites again, which start at $250,000 and homes are $700K to you-can’t-afford-it. In fact, it’s pretty difficult to find how many anything costs at the Cliffs of High Carolinas including the golf membership. Must follow the old adage, “….if you have to ask.” So, I don’t know, but if I were the marketing director of this property, I would have done whatever it took to have advertised on this premiere showing. And, I would have picked up some ads in markets my research has shown me are still interested in Tiger Woods and his “premiere American golf course” community in Asheville.

Because, as they say, “if you can’t beat ’em…..” show them you have some balls.

‘South Park’ season premiere review: Tiger Woods got golf-clubbed | EW.com.