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Facebook Is Positioned To Take Over The World

Though this is an article about investing in Facebook when the IPO eventually launches, it is a good perspective on how Facebook has positioned itself to become a “virtual marketing world.” As a marketer, it is important to also understand how Facebook will effect everything that is done in creating advertising and public relations campaigns as we move forward.

Facebook Is Positioned To Take Over The World: Buy The IPO No Matter The Price – Seeking Alpha.


Don’t be fooled by fake websites voting for Google Fiber | citizen-times.com | Asheville Citizen-Times

My “Letter to the Editor” in the Asheville Times today. Anyone not familiar with what’s going on: Asheville is a city being considered for 1gb broadband from Google. This site, GoogleFiber.com was created, “unofficially,” by someone to create a horserace online. People voted for a month.

The voted ended. Then, suddenly, another round of voting? Why, some of us asked?

In the meantime, a Letter to the Editor pops up telling people to continue to vote. So, I did a little research and discovered this info:

Don’t be fooled by fake websites voting for Google Fiber | citizen-times.com | Asheville Citizen-Times.

Seven Traits of Highly Effective Press Releases « BusinessWired

The information shared here through BusinessWire is straightforward and simple.

Crafting the message and content is obviously the most important factor in developing an excellent public relations and press release campaign.

When developing a press release, I try to incorporate at least Five out of Seven of  the traits that are outlined in the article. One that I leave out is based on budget; the other the goal of the release. Here are the 5:

1. One link in one form or another in the body of the release.

2. Emphasis on key points in the release via special formatting.

3. A subheadline.

4. Encourage sharing on social media

5. Special characters in the headline.

The two that are missing are:
1. The company name in the headline: It sort of depends on where the brand fits in the scheme of things.  After establishing the company branding, sometimes it’s better to focus totally on the message and support the company branding throughout the release.

2. A photo or video included: There are totally dependent upon the client’s budget as they almost always add some cost in distribution. However, these costs also vary widely, and there are many ways to get the message distributed within budgetary concerns.
If you need effective messaging, please give me a call.

Seven Traits of Highly Effective Press Releases « BusinessWired – Business Wire Blog.

21 Twitter Tips From Socially-Savvy Companies | Fast Company

This is very interesting. Unfortunately, it focuses on companies that actually have budgets (there is a mention in point #3 about “a meager budget of $15,000” for one particular twitter campaign. In Asheville, that would be expected to produce a logo, positioning statement, branding campaign, six months of facebook, tw itter blogging, brochures, feature articles and news releases. Oh, and a website with e-commerce.

Good points in this article. They can be applied on a smaller scale, but on the same hand, there needs to be realistic expectations when budgets of “$15,000” are non considered meager, but exorbitant.

21 Twitter Tips From Socially-Savvy Companies | Fast Company.

Republicans, Leukemia Team Up To Repeal Health Care Law |

Thought clearly, satire, the definition which is, according to Wikipedia,  ” human or individual vices, follies, abuses, or shortcomings are censured by ridicule, derision, burlesque, irony, or other methods, ideally with the intent of improvement.[1] Although satire is usually meant to be funny, its purpose is often not so much humor for its own sake as an attack on something strongly disapproved by the satirist, using the weapon of wit.

And, along with the scorched earth policies of America’s minority party becoming a public relations quandary, perhaps they should look at this, along with programs such as Daily Show with Jon Stewart, as research.

Republicans, Leukemia Team Up To Repeal Health Care Law | The Onion – America’s Finest News Source.

Study: 52 Percent Of Bloggers Consider Themselves Journalists

Yesterday a number of our crack, ace, super social media guru blogger experts when all a-twitter announcing that Google had chosen Asheville in its “google fiber initiative,” linking to the blog announcing the win, and giving themselves whooo-hooos and high fives.

I did a quick search in Google, under “google fiber initiative,” (10 sec) and saw a WP story dated 3/29 stating the selection would happen sometime in the Fall (took 60 sec to peruse).  April Fools! And yet, I was watching this start to go viral. A perfect example of the “journalistic” technique of  expert “bloggers.” Perhaps the question is not whether they think they are journalists, but why? I know pop culture is allowing people such as Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh to define themselves as such – though they are actually just entertainers paid to incite, demean and espouse rhetoric – but, before we call bloggers journalists, or they call themselves that, let’s ask them what they use for source material. Their friends tweets?

At least it wasn’t Swiftboating. Now THAT was journalism!

PS I’m still waiting to see the “Mea Culpas” from the bloggers on the April Fool’s joke.

Study: 52 Percent Of Bloggers Consider Themselves Journalists.

Facebook’s Great Betrayal

Quite a bit of info flying about regarding the PRIVACY changes with Facebook, how this is a turning point in social networking and media, what the heck is going on?
Good to start following some of this information. What is sort of funny is that you can post via facebook all the controversy surrounding them.

Apparently, one thing to really check is your privacy settings in the “NEW” facebook as they are set to EVERYONE for EVERYTHING. May want to tweak a bit just to shake things up a bit.

Facebook’s Great Betrayal – Facebook – Gawker.