Book Editing & Production

Narrative Non-Fiction, Non-Fiction, How To’s, Self-Help, Business

      • Editing and Proofing Services
      • Copy Editing
      • Line Editing
      • Proofreading
      • Interior Layout and Formatting for Print Books
      • Interior Layout and Formatting for eBooks
      • Assistance with Cover Design and Images
      • Manuscript Evaluation*

*Please note: My services do not include developmental editing or evaluation for fiction. 

My career in editing and writing started with a Smith-Corona typewriter.

In college my first typewriter was a Smith-Corona portable. It had its own carrying case. You could lug it around. It weighed about 10 pounds. I used carbon paper and thin yellow sheets of paper with what literally looked like bark in it, to make duplicates. I still have some of those in a box in the basement.

In 2015, a friend suggested I contact an author in need of  formatting his book for self-publication. I’d been using Office Word® since it was invented in the 90s, so I started to teach myself all the ins and outs of Word for publishing.  I learned that self publishing utilized it, sites like LULU, IngramSpark, and Amazon KDP.  I immersed myself into learning how to use it for formatting, layout and production.

Affinity Publisher: Giving InDesign a run for its money.

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