Advertising and Creative Copywriting


My career in advertising and marketing started at a small market station. 

Ad for branding launch for Direct Deposit, Direct Payment. Creative, copywriting: Gary James

Creative Copywriting

It’s the ability to write copy, but to think strategically about how the copy will also be used in marketing, positioning, branding.  It’s not just about writing, but about how you want someone to think about what you are writing. In clever, creative, interesting ways. This wasn’t a career path I chose; but it soon became something I excelled at doing.


Today, when I’m called upon to write blog content, I utilize my experience I learned writing 30 second radio stops and short print copy; “key words” SEO,  are how I had to do it then; Facebook, web content, banners … it’s how it’s done now… because people read a lot of content and they want their messages – fast.

Advertising and Public Relations Awards