Editing and Layout and Production

My career in editing, writing and WordPress started with a Smith-Corona typewriter.

In college my first typewriter was a Smith-Corona portable. It had it’s own carrying case. You could lug it around. It weighed about 10 pounds. I used carbon paper and thin yellow sheets of paper with what literally looked like bark in it, to make duplicates. I still have some of those in a box in the basement.

In 2015, a friend suggested I contact an author in need of help formatting his book for self-publication. I’d been using Word since it was invented in the 90s, but I stayed away from most of the design programs. However, I learned that self publishing utilized Office Word, so I immersed myself into learning how to use it in the book publishing world.

Since then, I have become an expert in Office WORD for Mac offering copy-editing, formatting and manuscript preparation and I enjoy hands-on development of Facebook business sites and WordPress web development.


The same client wanted to create a WordPress site to market his book. Having spent years as a creative director and having worked with developers since 2000 when we actually had to build everything from scratch, I set out to learn WordPress. I am now able to offer content, blogging, image selection and sizing,  working with themes, but no CSS. That’s for the experts. Though, I am learning some.

I guess you can say that I’ve evolved along with industries embracing words, audio, visual and print.

We’ve gone from typewriters and fax machines to online messaging, phone texting and all sorts of gadgets. I’ve kept up as best I can – I leave the digital marketing to the youngsters now. But, print…. print is still with us and by embracing the digital world, this old dog has learned some new tricks. Arf.