Accreditation and Affiliations

Accredited in Public Relations

I earned my accreditation in Public Relations while serving on the board of the Florida Public Relations Association in 1994, joining PRSA in 2000. I have always followed the PRSA Code of ethics (sometimes a slippery slope!) when dealing with “marketing” and advertising messages.

I have maintained a membership in the International Association of Business Communicators since 1997.

I joined Public Relations Association of Western North Carolina (PRAWNC) as a board member in  2008 . When the 29 year old organization disbanded due to low membership and the rise of online social media, I created Public Relations Alliance of WNC as a resource to keep PRAWNC going.

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A clickable link to the Public Relations Society of American home page          A clickable link to the International Assoc of Business Communicators page        Public Relations Alliance of Western North Carolina logo

Editing and Writing


American Advertising Federation Asheville Logo 2011

Founding board member, 2009.  Wrote bylaws. Was first ADDY chair. Wrote the first two ADDY award shows. Have not been active since 2012. This was the original logo. Enough said.