News Releases

Part of my career in public relations was learning how to craft a news release. It’s not hard, but there are requirements, and that’s where many (MANY) news releases, also known as press releases, can fall short. Some of the standards are: 

    • Following AP Style

    • Keeping it short

    • Adding images if possible

    • Using a standard typeface

    • Making sure it’s newsworthy and not an advertisement (However, advertorials are totally different, and yes, I’ve written those as well) 

Bottom line:

News releases (400-600 words is optimum) start at  $175. You can use a company you like to distribute. I like

The process? You call me, we chat on the phone, I write up the release, I send you the draft, we polish it, you sign off on it, and it gets distributed. It takes about a week.