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I offer writing and editing services to authors supporting their self publishing endeavors, formatting and layout services for books and e-books in addition to promotion, content writing, copywriting and blogging.



About me

My experience includes business launches, copywriting & web content, creative direction, branding, rebranding and budgets – and public relations including communication planning, news release writing and media relations.

Public Relations
Editing, Layout and Production
WordPress Content and Management
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Fun facts:

  • My first position in public relations was actually in the late 70s, supporting a New York theatrical press agent.
  • I was the first deejay on Holland-America’s flagship the ssRotterdam; I played disco records in the Sky Bar with dimes taped to the turnable arms to keep them from skipping.
  • In 1980, I lived two blocks away from the Dakota and heard the shots when John Lennon was shot.
  • My partner (now spouse) and I just celebrated our 40th anniversary together. We moved to Asheville, NC after 9/11. We were living in DC at the time.
  • In high school, the first computer I worked on created punch-cards. The first computer I owned had a 40mb (not a typo) hard drive, which was 14″ x 14″ by 6″ high, an amber 12″ monitor and a 12 pin printer. It cost $3500.
  • In college, I had to stand in-line at the bank on Fridays to cash a check in order to party on the weekend. There were no ATMs.
  • I learned to type on a manual typewriter. Copies were made on carbon paper.
  • I’m left-handed.
  • I record (DVR) all broadcast television so I can avoid interruptive advertising.



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