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What’s your Story?

There are a lot of moving parts “behind the scenes” in getting your book published.  I can help. 

  • I offer editing, proofing, formatting in both ePub and Print-On-Demand.
  • In addition, I can help you with setting up distribution on sites such as Draft2Digital.com (for the ePub), Amazon.com  (for both), Ingramspark (libraries, bulk purchases); and others; getting your ISBNs handled (Hint: You purchase directly to Bowker and save money. And, you don’t have to purchase a barcode.); and, your metadata for your listings. (That’s where my past experience as a copywriter helps!)
  • If you need help getting a book cover designed, I can point you in the right direction. Plus, I do know the process of getting a cover up on the sites when necessary. 

Contact me through email first (phone available to members) and let me know something about your project and needs. 🙂 I’m more than happy to chat with you with a no obligation, 15-minute call.*

* After we chat, if it sounds like we can collaborate successfully, I will send you a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). This allows me to take a look ‘under the hood’ and protects your work.  From there, I create a workable, fair budget, for both time and charges, based on what you want me to do, what you can DIY, and we go from there. 

Past life:
Award-winning former advertising creative director, copywriter and public relations professional.
creative director, senior copywriter. Experienced collaborator; projects and budgets manager;  Wrote, planned and executed business communication and public relations strategies; created, directed and launched branding and rebranding campaigns from concept to completion.  

Wordsmith: Demonstrable acumen in shaping complex writing into layman’s terms while maintaining a brand or client’s voice. 

Gary S. James, APR

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