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      • Assistance in getting your manuscript into shape for publication

There are a lot of moving parts “behind the scenes” in getting your book published. Why not work with someone who can not only help get your manuscript in shape but get your book online and published?

  • Copy editing, line editing, proofreading for ePubs and Print.
  • Layout and attractive design
  • Assistance with book cover design
  • Formatting meeting requirements for online distribution channels and aggregate sites
  • Support and help with setting up your books for distribution on (for eBooks),  (for both), Ingramspark (libraries, bulk purchases), and (specialty artbooks).
  • Assistance acquiring ISBNS (you can purchase directly and save money!)
  • Writing the metadata for your online listings (They have to match!)
  • Uploading the formatted books including the covers to the aggregator sites.

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*Please note: My services do not include developmental editing or evaluation for fiction. 

My career in editing and writing started with a Smith-Corona typewriter.

In college my first typewriter was a Smith-Corona portable. It had its own carrying case. You could lug it around. It weighed about 10 pounds. I used carbon paper and thin yellow sheets of paper with what literally looked like bark in it, to make duplicates. I still have some of those in a box in the basement.