WordPress, Content writing – with a bit of design thrown in

The same client who asked me to edit and format his book, “Don’t Be A Cow! wanted to create a WordPress site to market his book and create a “happiness blog.”

Having spent years as a creative director and worked with web developers since 2000 (when the site had to be built entirely from scratch, with no plug-ins or templates), I set out to learn WordPress.

I have a working understanding of WordPress and offer:

    • content writing and development
    • blogging
    • image research, selection, cropping
    • working with themes but no CSS. That’s for the experts.

Blog writing and management

We’ve gone from typewriters and fax machines to online messaging, phone texting, and all sorts of gadgets. I leave digital marketing to the younger folks now. However, since I spent many years writing for radio and in advertising, I understand messaging “in small bites.” As an expert in writing in another person’s voice, most of my blog writing has fallen under the category of ghostwriting. If you need someone “behind the scenes,” let me know what you need.