WordPress, Content and Site Management – with a little design thrown in

The same client who asked me to edit and format his book, “Don’t Be A Cow! wanted to create a WordPress site to market his book and create a “happiness blog.”

Having spent years as a creative director,  and having worked with developers since 2000 when we actually had to build everything from scratch, I set out to learn WordPress. I offer:

    • content writing and development
    • blogging
    • image research, selection, cropping
    • working with themes, but no CSS. That’s for the experts.

Since then, I have become an expert  and I enjoy hands-on development of Facebook business sites and WordPress web development.

Blog management

We’ve gone from typewriters and fax machines to online messaging, phone texting and all sorts of gadgets. I leave the digital marketing to the younger marketers now. I do, however, handle social media marketing, Social Pilot and can read Google Analytics …  But, print … print is still with us and by embracing the digital world, this old dog has learned some new tricks. Arf.