This is a thing: Amazon is closing KDP accounts. Check out this video.

Dave Chesson, CEO of Kindlepreneur, an excellent resource for ” how-tos,” “tips,” and expert advice on self-publishing and marketing, has put together this information video on what is going on with KDP accounts.

I’ve worked with a number of authors who I’ve helped create and manage their KDP accounts so their books are on Amazon. We also make sure the books are available through other distributors and aggregators such as Ingramspark and, in the case of eBooks, Draft2Digital. Dave is also the creator of Atticus, the software I use now to format and finalize the interiors of my author’s books. I highly recommend it for authors to use as well, as it is a robust program that makes writing flow and formatting easier (and adding images is a lot simpler than any other writing and publishing program I’ve used – and fairly inexpensive.

Metadata issues

This is apparently one of the major places the KDP/Amazon algorithm (yes, it’s not a human doing this) checks. If this is causing you issues or you just don’t want to deal with it, let me know. This is one of the services I offer. You’ll see Amazon has a list of what goes into the Metadata on their “how to” on KDP.  It is very important that the metadata is handled correctly, so be sure to pay close attention to it.

Take a few minutes to review this video if you haven’t seen it yet or didn’t know about it.